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External Article: Shravanabelagola in Karnataka, India

Shravanabelagola is a city located in the Hassan district, in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is one of the most important Jain pilgrim centers. The Vindhyagiri hill is home to a thousand-year-old 17.38 meter monolithic stone statue of the Bhagavan Gomateshwara Bahubali, considered to be the world’s largest monolithic stone statue, built by Chamundaraya, a general of King Gangaraya. Every 12 years, thousands of devotees congregate here to perform the Mahamastakabhisheka, a spectacular ceremony in which the devotees cover the thousand year old statue with milk, curds, ghee, saffron and gold coins. The next Mahamastakabhisheka will be held in 2018 A.D. wrote about this ..

The main attraction of this place is this magnificent statue, which measures about 57 feet in height, and is said to be the largest statue Asia sculpted out of a monolith. It is carved out of one single stone, standing as a symbol of renunciation, calm and peaceful. To get a closer look of this statue one has to climb about 700 steps, cut out in the rocks, to reach atop the hill. The steps are not steepy, and they are provided with handrails on both sides, which makes the climbing easier. The aged people and those who cannot climb the steps can take the help of palanguin to be carried up and down, for a reasonable charge.

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  • This statue is 17 meters in height and is carved out of one single granite stone. Its a beautiful statue of Bhagavan Gomateshwara Bahubali. This is one of the famous place visited in Karnataka. There are arrangements made for aged people so that they can climb easily and enjoy.

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