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Havelock Island in Andaman Islands, India

Situated 57 Kms North East of Port Blair
Best time to travel Havelock Island is between November to April

Havelock Island is a beautiful island located approx 56 km from the capital of the Andaman Island chain in India, Port Blair (a distance covered in 2.5 hours by ferry). The island is famous for having extremely beautiful beaches (with the beach # 7, called the Radhanagar Beach having being declared as among the top 10 beaches in Asia). The island offers plentiful opportunity to people interested in exploring the sea, with both snorkeling and scuba diving options (Havelock has a Scuba Diving club where a person can actually undergo scuba diving classes and get certification). The arrival port is at Beach #1, the junction at the center is Beach #3 and so on. The island has other beautiful beaches, located at different locations, all of them numbered (who has heard of beaches being known by their numbers rather than by names?). The beaches are all white sand based, and are great for relaxing, enjoying the wonderful sights, and for swimming.

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The town is small and has only a handful of shops and local dhabas. Most accommodation is grouped along the road from Beach #3 to Beach #5. From the ‘junction’ near Beach #3 a road veers off to Beach #7 (Radhanagar Beach). Mid-January until mid-May sees the best weather, and often the best diving conditions. The days are mostly sunny at this time of year, and the sea sometimes flat enough to reflect the clouds. The monsoon usually hits around late May, lasting until the end of July, and is probably the worst time to visit the island – strong winds, frequent rain and low visibility underwater. August thru November see some occasional showers and slightly rougher seas, but diving can still be great at this time of year. The weather often takes a turn for the worse for the month of December through early January.
When traveling to Havelock Island, do not depend on plastic money, make sure that you are carrying actual money. Havelock island does not have an ATM and almost none of the hotels are able to perform card transactions, although Barefoot Scuba, Barefoot at Havelock Jungle Resort and Island Vinnies can accept Credit Cards. You will also need to carry some of the basic requirements such as flashlights, mosquito repellants, etc because finding them in Havelock Island may be a challenge.
Besides the various sea forms (including dolphins and large fish), what else does the island have ? In the deep forests one can find elephants also. Only one third of the Northern island is inhabited.

How to get there:
Ferries are the way to get there, and it is preferable to book in advance. First you need to reach the city of Port Blair, and then stay overnight in Port Blair and then head off to Havelock Island the next morning. The ferries go at 6:30AM followed by one at 10:30AM and and a “tourist special” at 2PM (exact timings should always be confirmed).

Places to stay:
Barefoot Resort (link)
Cafe del Mar (link)
Pristine Beach Resort (link)
Island Vinnie’s (link)
Sunrise Beach Resort
Orient Legend Resort
Wild Orchid (link)
Dolphin Beach Resort
Emerald Gecko (link)
Silver Sand (link)
Bay View Inn

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