November 2008
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Shriwardhan – A great unexplored beach in Maharashtra, India

Imagine a beach that has beautiful sand, great scenery, good water, and is basically so unexplored that you can sometimes see nobody else on the same beach. This is literally a place that you would spend time and effort to see, and this is available in a location in Maharashtra, India. It is seen as so beautiful and attractive that it is becoming very famous, with more and more people and travel literature starting to find this unexplored place. Natural beaches in vicinity of 10-20 kms.
This is the place called Shriwardhan – Harihareshwar. You get all the pleasures of a great beach – winds that are not harsh, more like a soft caress; soft sands that are comfortable underfoot, and inviting clean waters make Shriwardhan Bay a place that beach lovers would find very attractive.

Map of Shrivardhan from

If you really want some adventure, then you can hire a small boat. The boat will take you to the north side of the bay, and there you can find the heritage (this is the location where the Prime Ministers of the Marathas, called the ‘Peshwas’, originated from). The ‘Peshwa Smarak’ is of interest to most people who visit Shriwardhan.
The town of Harihareshwar is known for another beautiful beach and equally famous for the temple of Harihareshwar, which is also quite famous. The temple of Lord Harihareshwar is quite famous and gets a lot of devotees. It is well known for Rotha Supari and tourists often shop for it.
This place has famous Kalbhairav Shiva Temple. Peshwa Smarak and Bankot Fort at Bagmandala is only about 4 km away from here.

Getting there:
The nearest railhead is Mangaon on Konkan Railway.
Mumbai by road is nearly 200 kms. away. The nearest Mumbai – Goa highway point is about 60 kms., at Goregaon, which is about 170 kms. from Mumbai (via Vashi Creek Bridge).

Places to stay:

Shiv Shanti Holiday Inn
Rajas Holiday Home
Niwara (Other Bread and Breakfast places in Shriwardhan as per this link)

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