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Shrikhand Mahadev in Himachal in India – an ardous trek

Shrikhand Mahadev is a beautiful pilgrimage trek, located high up at around 5200 meters high in the Kullu region. It is an ardous trek, but is attracting an increasing number of pilgrims during the pilgrimage months, to see the natural Shiva Lingam. Round the year the snow falls here, but it does not stay at the Shiva-linga and melts down soon thereafter, seen as a miracle.

There are three ways to reach Shrikhand Mahadev
1. via Shimla-Narkanda-Rampur Busharhr-Arsu-Baghipul
2. from Kullu side—last village conneted by road is Bathad in Banjar Block of distt. Kullu…From Bathad a steep track leads to BASHLEU PASS and then it leads to a very beautiful village SARAHAN
3. Third track is via Rampur Bushahr-Jeory…. but this is very hard and usually local people from Shimla-SARAHAN area use this track…

Devotees set forth on foot from Nirmand town in Kullu district, around 140 kliometres from Shimla, to offer prayers at the shrine of Shivpindi on the Himalayan peak, which is 18,500 feet above sea-level. It is a 70-km two-way track passing through dense forests, water streams, sprawling meadows and lofty mountains. The climb is difficult but it offers a panoramic view.
This pilgrimage is described to be as significant as the famous Amarnath Yatra. It is usually undertaken to coincide with the Ashada Poornima or, full moon day of June to July) as per the Hindu Vikrami calendar. It continues till the Poornima of Ashwani month (full moon day of September to October).
A detailed description of the journey to Shrikhand Mahadev and the routes to it, along with difficulty level and the facilities available is on this site.

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